Impropreneurs – relacje uczestników

Wcześniej przedstawiliśmy Wam naszą relację z projektu, a oto co powiedzieli uczestnicy:

The young exchange “Impropreneurs” was the second youth mobility I took part in. Project like this is the chance to meet so many interesting and different types of personalities, nationalities and different cultures at one place. Improvisation theatre helped me to gain ability to listen more active and be more involved in conversations, sharing a story. The project idea was up-to-date according to the high level of youth unemployment in Europe. The things I learned during the workshops, presentations, games, etc. were very useful for me to improve my personal skills and abilities.

Tanja, Croatia


I would recommend the participation in youth exchanges, which enable us to experience a new culture, motivate to achieve more and develop lots of competences from which all of us can benefit in your future social and professional life.


Project connected the social entrepreneurship with improvisation, in the various of non formal methodology where we improved our social entrepreneurship skills with use of theatre improvisation techniques. We have learnt about the entrepreneurship, improvisation, creative thinking, and solving problems techniques.

Caro, Portugal


Through this youth exchange we tried to face an idea of changing the attitude of young people towards entrepreneurship from passive to active. We tried improvisation theatre techniques to raise level of self-confidence and challenged ourselves to start our own business. My conclusion of this project is simple – we are the huge part of population that drives economy and create jobs.

Hanan, Italy


Projekt „Impropreneurs” dofinansowany został ze środków Programu Erasmus+ w ramach umowy 2015-3-PL01-KA105-023089 i realizowany jest przez grupę nieformalną Młodzi dla Warszawy